My new wigs from Locks of Fun Wigs look so natural…when I took them to my hairdresser, he thought they were real hair, not synthetic.  They are comfortable to wear and easy to position.  I find that Yvonne’s styles are much more current than many of the wigs that I’ve tried on in other local stores, and the prices are amazing!!

Yvonne was a joy to deal with.  She is pleasant and professional, and her manner made what could have been an emotional and trying experience into one that was positive and uplifting.  I can’t recommend LOCKS OF FUN WIGS enough.  Getting my new wigs from Yvonne was the Best part of having cancer!  Shannon S.

photo 2 shannon 1

When I wear one of my Locks Of Fun Wigs, I feel confident , put-together and I know I look good. I love the compliments I receive and I have women of all ages asking me where do I get my hair done and who does my color. The blonde with highlights are my favorite, but I also have so much fun being a red head when the mood strikes. Jan C

My natural hair is curly with a stubborn mind of its own. I have always loved the cute trendy styles and wished I had the patience and time to spend with my own hair trying them out. When I was introduced to Locks of Fun wigs in 2013 I knew immediately that I had found the answer to all my hair issues. I have several wigs and treat them as an accessory, and am always amazed at how I feel transformed every time I chose a wig style and color that suits the mood I am in. I can be a blond a redhead or even wear a healthy, shiny gray… My wigs give me confidence AND I feel beautiful wearing them. Monika T

It was unpleasant losing my hair from Chemo, but with your help, I found the perfect wigs that made the whole experience so much easier. Janine N

Yvonne, who proudly wears her own wigs, made sure I was well informed before making my selection. The positive reaction from my husband and friends as well as the reasonably prices promoted me to buy a second one. Best of all no more bad hair days. Sylvia S

Thank you so much for taking my biggest fear away..losing my hair! Tammy M

Meet Karen, one of our clients wearing Locks of Fun Wigs!

“I really appreciated Yvonne’s effort at getting me my wig

Before I lost my hair due to chemo for treating my breast cancer.

The day my hair started to fall out was not quite so upsetting knowing I

Had this fabulous hair-do at my fingertips! And wearing it, I have had

Many people comment how astonished they are that it’s a wig and also

How rich the colour is. It’s so simple to wear, looks fantastic and is a real

Positive in an otherwise very challenging time in my life.”

-Karin I.IMG_2450 (1)Picture1