Locks of Fun Wigs does “Retail Therapy”!!

When Deanna owner of Vanilla Clothing in Langley invited us to join her Retail Therapy Tour on April 12, we jumped at the chance!  Deanna has an innovative way of serving her customers a unique shopping experience while also supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Women gather for an afternoon of brunch, transportation, VIP shopping, and wine tasting…what a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Each tour is unique and the destinations are a secret only being revealed when the ladies arrive there!!

We helped Deanna welcome 22 women start their tour at Vanilla clothing in Langley and what a fun bunch of ladies they were.  Many “let down their hair” and tried on all kinds of our lovely wigs changing up their looks while having Locks of Fun!!  As all of the ladies have NO idea where the tour will take them or what things they can shop for, our Wigs were a big surprise and a big success.  One lady purchased her wig, popped it on her head and wore it for the rest of the day!!  Now that’s how you wear a Locks of Fun Wig….it’s called the Purchase and Pop (it on your head) technique!!

Thank you Deanne for a great afternoon, we loved being part of your tour AND loved meeting some of your lovely customers.vanilla1 vanilla2 vanilla3 vanilla5