“Down To Our Hair!!”

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I know that most Blogs keep you up-to-date with what’s new and exciting in the business.  A new product, a new Event, even a new contest or a new concept, but writing this blog I find myself feeling quite reflective and introspective.

Over the past few years I have had the immense privilege of meeting some amazing women.  Women that enjoy my wigs and products for convenience, style and fun, and those that need my wigs for thinning hair, loss of hair or complete Alopecia.

I would like to dedicate this blog to those in women in the second camp the “need” camp.

When I make an appointment for a private consultation in my home for a client, I often know very little of her story.  I know that she needs and wants a wig, I usually know the reason for the need and in many cases I have a forwarded photo of what the client presently looks like, or what she looked like or a style that she thinks she would like to have.  Few come alone by themselves but many are accompanied by a friend or friends, a sister, a cousin, a mother, a daughter, a husband or any combination of the above.

One of my first consultations found me opening my door to a beautiful young woman in her early 20’s who was completely bald but for a few “tufts” of hair that she had chosen to keep.  She had suffered from Alopecia all her life.  A young mother of 3 comes with her own mother and sister and quietly chooses a wig to wear as she lives her life with breast cancer.  An athletic physicians wife who had just been diagnosed with cancer comes early to prepare for what is yet to begin.  A grandmother in her 80’s is helped by her 2 daughters and visiting sister to choose a wig that looks like her own hair.

Each woman and each story unique, each with it’s own challenges and own timetable.  Some stories are to be epic novels with much content and many more chapters to be read, whereas others are short stories with beautiful content, bursting at the seams with love and experiences.

However I believe that all these women, and myself included, have one thing in common and that is that we are all “Down To Our Hair” ….. let me explain….

I believe that there is a great big God that created this universe, He is the one that created the creatures of the deep and flung stars all over the heavens….and He IS in control.  He controls the tides of the oceans and the wind in the trees, He controls even the birds that sing in the morning dawn.

We need not be afraid of what is happening to us because God is in control.  You see God counts the very hairs on our head.   Imagine that!!  Every hair that washed down the drain the morning you go bald has God’s number on it.  Every wisp that straggles upward from our scalp when treatment ends has God’s number on it.

So if God cares that much about the hair on our head, we can trust that he cares for us

It’s all “Down To Our Hair”…..and NOTHING…..not even cancer, can separate us from His loving control.



Locks of Fun Wigs does “Retail Therapy”!!

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When Deanna owner of Vanilla Clothing in Langley invited us to join her Retail Therapy Tour on April 12, we jumped at the chance!  Deanna has an innovative way of serving her customers a unique shopping experience while also supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Women gather for an afternoon of brunch, transportation, VIP shopping, and wine tasting…what a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Each tour is unique and the destinations are a secret only being revealed when the ladies arrive there!!

We helped Deanna welcome 22 women start their tour at Vanilla clothing in Langley and what a fun bunch of ladies they were.  Many “let down their hair” and tried on all kinds of our lovely wigs changing up their looks while having Locks of Fun!!  As all of the ladies have NO idea where the tour will take them or what things they can shop for, our Wigs were a big surprise and a big success.  One lady purchased her wig, popped it on her head and wore it for the rest of the day!!  Now that’s how you wear a Locks of Fun Wig….it’s called the Purchase and Pop (it on your head) technique!!

Thank you Deanne for a great afternoon, we loved being part of your tour AND loved meeting some of your lovely customers.vanilla1 vanilla2 vanilla3 vanilla5


Pecha Kucha……

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PECHA KUCHA…….Excuse me……

Is that a sneeze or a disease!!!

It`s neither, it`s a presentation style where one speaks to 20 slides for 20 seconds each.  The slides are on a timer and the speakers shares succinct messages paired with the visual Slides, which can be a fast paced and captivating experience for the audience.

Well this April 1st,  LOCKS OF FUN WIGS was invited to participate as a presenter at the Small Business Women`s connection network, hosted by Telus.  Women from diverse backgrounds in the Lower Mainland came together for resources, support and discussion to grow their careers and or business.

The presentation was held in the beautiful PYATT Hall at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music and started promptly at 7:30!!  Everything was timed to the second and as you can imagine 6 minutes and 40 seconds can go by in the blink of an eye when you are doing a presentation.  But after much preparation and practice Yvonne gave the history and the mission statement of LOCKS OF FUN WIGS as well as the sales models of both the wigs and their new skincare line Rodan and Fields.  Finishing off with how technology ie: the website and social media has helped in the growth of the business.

It was the first time that Yvonne had ever heard of or participated in a Pecha Kucha presentation and felt privileged to have been asked and thrilled to have had the opportunity to experience it and introduce new women into the world of  LOCKS OF FUN.



pech pecha 2

Girls Glamour Night 2015

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High above the busy streets of downtown Vancouver, there was a quiet buzz of anticipation as 22 IMG_0273young ladies came to be pampered.  These are not your ordinary teens who gather together with squeals of joy, whispering about the latest movie or that cute guy.  These young ladies had an air of maturity about them.  They were in no rush to get anywhere and did not feel the need to raise their voices to be heard.  They talked about “Make a Wish” trips, the struggles of dealing with the aftermath of chemo, of being cancer-free or of a relapse, of an upcoming wedding, of fractures and reconstructive surgery, of hair loss and patchy re-growth or hair that came back a different colour and texture.







Each girl was personally welcomed by the organizer, Christine Tulloch, with a hug and a bracelet encircled with words of affirmation.  We watched as they were given make-overs by hair stylists and make-up artists.  They were ushered into an adjoining room to pick out a new outfit and accessories.  They sat down in front of a camera and had a photo shoot, showing off personality and vulnerability.  They were lavished with gift bags, full of Arbonne products as well as other goodies, donated by businesses and individuals.  Hugs were abundant among the girls as well as with their stylists.  There was joy and hands lifted to cover their mouth when they saw themselves in the mirror.




gg hair do  IMG_0284 IMG_0334 IMG_0263


Some of the girls came to check out the wigs and it was thrilling to see the transformation.  They chose to wear the wigs they came with or to have their own hair curled and styled, but for a little while they could once again feel long hair on their shoulders.  We chose to gift a young lady one of our “Locks of Fun” wigs that she had tried on.  Nicole, we wish you joy in your up-coming marriage.  May you be blessed with a lifetime of love and laughter.


Nicole & Yvonne


Some of the girls end their evening with a “limo” ride to McDonalds House for a sleepover!


It was a joy and a pleasure to be a small part of this amazing event!  Each young lady is beautiful, awesome, extraordinary, one of a kind, special, courageous, talented… Their strength is evident in their smiles and in their courage to continue the fight.